Aikido is a Martial Art and should be taken seriously. We still have fun but there are a few things you should remember and adhere to while training:

  1. When entering or leaving the dojo bow in and out
  2. Always wear something on your feet right up to the mat – Don’t walk bare footed from the changing rooms or toilets as this can transfer germs onto the mats.
  3. Ensure your finger and toe nails are always cut short – nobody wants to get cuts and scratches because of you.
  4. Never wear jewellery while training.
  5. Warm-up and down properly – your body should be prepared for your aikido training.
  6. Make sure you dogi is clean.
  7. Mind your surrounds – some dojos are small and the mats are close to the walls.
  8. Pay attention you instructor and fellow training partners.
  9. Don’t chit-chat during the class – you’re there to learn and practice your aikido, you can catch up on gossip in the pub.
  10. Thank your training partner with you after every practice.
  11. Leave your stresses and any aggression at the door.
  12. If you don’t understand something, ask your instructor or senior grades.

…and most of all, Enjoy your training!