City of London Shodokan Aikido Club


Welcome to City of London Shodokan Aikido, the oldest Shodokan Aikido club in Europe. For over 25 years, our club had been hosted at City University's martial arts court; as of September 2012, we have moved at the Finsbury Leisure Centre. We are open to the general public and welcome new members at any time.

Our instructors are some of the most experienced in the UK. We also have regular visits from top level international instructors which continues the learning of every member of the club. Throughout the year there are opportunities to attend courses either at our club's training hall, or in other venues where you will meet Aikido players of all levels from other clubs.

Shodokan Aikido is a competitive form of Aikido, so you have the chance to participate in competitions if this is of interest to you. However, they are not compulsory. You will still be able to learn the principles of timing, distance, etc and a little of the intensity of competitive practice during normal lessons.

Please take a few minutes to look around our web site and learn a little about Aikido and our club. If you are interested in attending a practice session please come along to watch or, as we would prefer, participate. Your first lesson is free.



December 2012

David Findlay 4th Dan Grading

Congratulations to David Findlay for successfully advancing to 4th Dan. Dave graded in front Phil Newcombe, Scott Allbright and Tsuchiya sensei in Malaga, Spain.

August 2012

Calling all past members, present members, visitors and spectators of City University Shodokan - the last training session in this historic location will be next Thursday 30 August, 7:00pm. It is our pleasure to announce that Phil Newcombe shall take the session as fitting completion to a chapter of over 25 years.

There will probably be some Aikido and there will definitely be a lot of pubbage with obligatory nonsense talked. So even if you can't make training, it would be fantastic to see you in The Peasant, 240 St John street London EC1V 4PH from say 9ish.  Come down and help us send off the old sweaty dungeon with a bang.

What's the craic? Well, the good news is university is apparently investing in a new martial arts facility. The bad news is we're out on our ear at the end of August for a year or two. We will kick off the following week in the Finsbury Leisure Centre, on Monday nights.

Details: londoncityshodokan [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

April 2011

In March we welcomed another member to the dan grade lineup.  Congratulations to Itay Haber who successfully passed his 1st dan examination in front of Phil Newcombe during a training weekend in Malaga, Spain.  Itay has been a cornerstone of City of London Shodokan for the past number of years and it was a great pleasure to see this dedication and hard work pay off with a very good grading.

New beginners, experienced players and visitors alike can all expect to find something worthwhile of a training evening and we look forward to seeing you.